Thursday, 7 October 2010


Hey guys,
Just wanted to say thanks for all the comments and follows in the last few days. I've made sure to help out on your blogs, so if you could return the favor, I would really appreciate it.

In site news I've began the very long process of searching, finding, and uploading live shows and other recordings onto the Video page - so you can check that stuff out. You can also have a look at the Discography page for full track listings and download links.

Thats all for now, catch y'all later.


  1. You've made some interesting points... I also have some points (actually bubbles) on Enhanced by MS Paint :)

  2. This is some great stuff, keep it up Bro !

  3. Alright thanks for the update, looking forward to it

  4. For some reason I thought they had a lot more work put out...

  5. oop my bad.
    shouldn't have said 'full' listings =3