Monday, 20 September 2010

Update 1

So I did say 'a few days' in my last post - but stuff happened and then I forgot.
Anyway, I've started filling out the Discography section of the site, and there are some links available. I also hope to include some news coming from the Foo's twitter page, as theres a lot of stuff circulating involving the new album.
Other pages like videos will include all the vids I can find from live recorded shows. If I find an interview i'll post it on the main page instead.
More updates to follow, just give me some time.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Hey everyone, Andy here.
At the moment there isn't much to look at on the site. I've spent a few hours polishing up the design and making it interesting, but in the next few days i'm hoping to get a ton of stuff on here!
Check back in a couple of days so I can give you a better Idea of what this blog is going to include.